About us

TANGRA is family owned European producer of ventilation systems established in 1989. TANGRA has two factories in Bulgaria with total floor area of 8000 sq. m., own research and development department, HVAC laboratory, design and engineering teams, trade centers, installation and service divisions. The company has more than 150 employees and is the leading producer of air movement and heat recovery solutions on the Balkan Peninsula. 

TANGRA’s products and solutions are available in 16 countries in Europe and since 2016 also in the UAE.



Our organization divided the production units in to 7 different areas:
•    Air handling units
•    Heat recovery ventilation units
•    Plate heat exchanger production
•    Centrifugal fans and ventilation equipment
•    Ventilation elements and air ducts systems
•    Ventilation grilles and diffusers
•    Wood pellet boilers and heating equipments   


TANGRA company is family owned and reestablished in 1989 as the successor company of private enterprise “TANGRA – Lazar Armianoff” that existed before WW II. The first two years the company’s main activity was HVAC design projects. The successful journey continue with small rented workshop and first own product – ventilation grille. Within few years the production extended with sound attenuators, air filters, ventilation elements and first plastic plate heat exchanger in 1994.  

Believing in sustainable development of the company’s portfolio, TANGRA has expanded it’s own production with more than 100 standard products and models for ventilation and air conditioning and the trade business with representing the European leaders of HVAC in Bulgaria. Our range covers ventilation, heating and air conditioning of residential and commercial buildings, industrial premises and different applications.



Dipl. Eng. July Armianov

/ General manager /
•    HVAC engineer
•    Member of the Board of Bulgarian Chamber of Machine Building
•    Member of the Board of Professional High School for Transportation and Energy “Henry Ford”

Mrs. Victoria Armianova

/ Foreign trade manager  /